Prof. Rose Baaba Folson Ph.D.

Professor Folson is an Educational Sociologist. She taught at major international universities, including University of Bremen (1990-1992), University of Innsbruck (1992-1993), University of Zürich (1993), Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt (1993-1995), Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg (1995-1999) and University of Toronto (1999-2008). She was Visiting Professor at the University of Bayreuth (2004) and a DFG Scholar at the University of Mainz (2010).


She was a recipient of the prestigious Dorothea Erxleben Habilitation Award of the Ministry of Education, Provincial Government of Lower Saxony/Germany (1995) and in 2003 she was one of the twelve recipient of the MINERVA Award in Lower Saxony/Germany, for academic excellence and contribution to African, European and North American civil societies. She has presented her work at major international conferences.


Professor Folson is now director of MINERVA CONSULTING & RESEARCH.





Academic Degrees:


(Academic program to qualify for full professorship in Germany, Austria, Switzerland)


Carl von Ossietzky

University of Oldenburg

Department of Political Science



Habilitation Topic:

Global Economics, International Migration, Transnationalism and Professional Advancement of Women from non-EU states.


The project investigates professional, political and social activities of the research participants, strongly oriented to both “sending” and “receiving” states, and possibly more states. These activities impact and shape the emergent transnational/cultural social spaces by way of exercising political control through provision of entitlements. However, various transnational practices and structures in the social fields of economic, social and cultural trans-nationalism do not necessarily involve the state as an agent or the nation as imagined political community. This research project examines how this “grey zone, void of state power” impacts the community and the families involved, and professional advancement of these women.



Ph. D. (Dr. Rer. Pol)

Department of Political Science


Carl von Ossietzky

University of Oldenburg



Dissertation: The Contribution of Formal Education to Economic Development/ Underdevelopment.

The dissertation explored one of the most urgent problems facing education over the past five decades, to provide education to a steadily growing population. A positive contribution of ‘formal’ education to development has become widely accepted and rarely questioned. In the educational history schooling has been assumed as a producer of creativity and a causal factor for economic and social change and the educational philosopher is supposed to be instrumental in those changes. Most of these assumptions could not be validated in this research. The final conclusion of the research introduces six areas in the economy, which are dialectically linked to education. The conclusion proposes that any educational transformation needs to happen in correlation to development in those areas to guarantee, at least minimal success.





United Nations/Geneva

27th Graduate Study Program


Theme of the Programme:



Areas: Human/Women’s Rights Advocacy and International Relations, Global Toxic Waste Management 



Social Sciences


Carl von Ossietzky

University of Oldenburg



Thesis: British Colonial Education and its impact on Socio-Economic Development


The thesis explores British education in Ghana as a tool of colonialism, an attempt to secure commercial control, to strengthen the hold of colonial power and exploitation by developing/creating a class of intermediaries. In particular, the British empire believed that the African colonies had to be transformed to suit the needs of colonialism and education should be the vehicle for this process, but the African should not become British.



Social Sciences


Carl von Ossietzky

University of Oldenburg



Courses covered: Industrial Sociology, Law, Human/Women’s Rights Advocacy, Statistics, Empirical Research Methodologies.





Yaa Asantewa Award for contribution in Research & Development. Hamburg, Germany



Ghanaian-Canadian Women’s Courage Awards/”Endless Possibilities and Hope Development Organization”, Toronto & The House of Commons, Canada



Ministry of Education Science and Culture of the State Government of Lower Saxony, Hannover/Germany, Achievement Award for Academic Distinction in Research and Contribution to Society



Award for contribution to the community and promotion of critical awareness, from the International Women’s Group: DeColores, Bremen



Immigrants’ Contribution to the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing. Award from Suedstroemmungen/Berlin, Community Group: Women against Violence



Dorothea Erxleben Award/Fellowship for Excellence, (Granted $350,000 for Habilitation) Ministry of Education Science and Culture of the State Government of Lower Saxony, Hannover/Germany



Heinrich Boell Foundation/Frauenanstiftung/Hamburg Research Fellowship ($20,000)



Friedrich Ebert Foundation/Bonn Award for Academic Excellence ($50,000)



Friedrich Ebert Foundation/Bonn Award for Academic Excellence ($40,000)




Visiting Professor:

Faculty of Education

DFG (German Research Council)-Graduate School 1474

Transnational Social Support

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Mainz, Germany 2010

I was invited to participate in the research program Transnational Social Support, and also to finish my research and publish the results of my research in my new book entitled, Im/Migration, Transnationalism and Professional Advancement of ‘Mobiles’.


Consultant and Political Advocate:



Organizational Change Manager

Conceptualize programs in Leadership and Cultural Competence Training for Governments, institutions and community groups. The program covers: Facilitative Leadership; Labor Management; Human Resources Performance Enhancement; Human/Women’s Rights; Global Partnerships & Development.


Associate Professor:

Department of Sociology and Equity Studies

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1999 – 2008

Designed and taught graduate degree courses and pre-service courses for teachers:

Global Economic Restructuring, International Im/Migration, Immigration Policies (Canada, USA, Germany/EU).

En/Coding Domination: Forms of Capital, Power Relations and Professional Advancement.

School and Society.

Cross-cultural Counselling Skills for Beginning Teachers.


Visiting Professor:

Department of Sociology of Development,

University of Bayreuth Germany 2004

Gender Relations and Development.


Associate Professor:

Department of Political Science

(International Relations & Society and State)

Carl von Ossietzky

University of Oldenburg

Germany 1995-1999

Designed and taught graduate degree courses:

Social Justice/Women’s Rights

Global Economics & International Im/Migration.

Education & Development.


Assistant Professor:

Department of Education

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt/Main

Germany 1993-1995

Designed and taught the following degree course:

Social Justice.



Department of Ethnology

University of Zürich

Switzerland 1993

Taught the following degree course:

Non-verbal communication.



Department of Education

Fachhochschule (University) of Darmstadt

Germany 1993

Designed and taught the following degree course:

Social Justice. The course was focused on non-verbal communication; Cross-cultural Co-existence.

Formal Education and Social Inequality.



Department of Education

University of Innsbruck

Austria 1992-1993

Designed and taught the following courses:

Education & Development; Socialization of Girls in different Cultures; Formal Education and Social Inequality.

Social Justice: Cross-cultural Co-existence



Department of International Relations

German Institute of Development (DSE)

Bad Honef

Germany 1992-1993

Designed and taught the following course:

Social Justice: Cross-cultural Co-existence:



Department of Political Science

University of Bremen

Germany 1990-1992

Designed and taught the following course:

Social Justice, Education & Development.



Department of Social Science

Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Germany 1990-1992

Designed and taught the following courses:

Social Justice, Education & Development.




Various institutions in Canada and Germany


Consulted to the following governmental, non-governmental and international agencies:

  • Canadian Museum of Civilisation for the children’s exhibition “Get Your Passport” (2003-2004)
  • German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Expert Conference on Sub-Saharan Africa” (2001)
  • EXPO 2000/Hannover. A political panel of the government of Austria on the future of Europe: “Values, Power, and Rights - In Search of a European Order” (2000): Panel members included the German Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister of Luxemburg,
  • Women’s Projects in West Africa: Expertise consulting for the Ministry of Economic/International Co-operation (BMZ)/Bonn and the Heinrich Böll Foundation/Berlin (1994)
  • The Green Party Caucus of the German Federal Parliament on issues of International Development Co-operation with Africa (1993-1999)
  • Bremen Judges on asylum cases (1992-1993)
  • Adult Educational Institutions (German Volkshochschulen) on teaching manuals on race issues (1989-1992)
  • The Green Party/Gruene Internationalismus Lower Saxony on International Project Development in Africa (1985-1988)

Administrative Experience:






OISE-UT, Department of Sociology and Equity Studies

Member of PTR Committee

Developed merit-based schemes of evaluation in relation to salary and rewards for faculty members in the department



OISE-UT, Department of Sociology and Equity Studies

Chair of Events Committee

Planned and coordinated departmental events with regard to inter-divisional partnerships and international initiatives




Chair of the OISE/UT Appeals Standing Committee

Advocacy: Chaired the committee to resolve issues and disagreements with regard to academic reviews, teaching assistant work, scholarships and other matters




Member of the Executive Committee of the OISE/UT Faculty Council

Contributed to the faculty policies with regard to graduate studies, evaluation schemes, administrative mechanisms affecting international research and development




Member of the TEPA (Teacher Education Program Assistantship) Steering Committee

Negotiated the development of agreement with program assistants to increase the quality of program delivery in teacher education under budgetary restrictions



OISE-UT, Department of Sociology and Equity Studies

Member of SESE Graduate Assistantship Committee

Advocacy: Evaluated proposals for graduate assistantships and proposed amendments to the administrative framework of the process



OISE-UT, Department of Sociology and Equity Studies

Chair, Departmental Emergency Bursary

Steered the development of emergency bursary mechanisms at the departmental level; guided graduate students in approaching the committee and soliciting emergency bursaries


1999 – 2000

Dean’s Search Committee for a Cross-appointment of SESE& Women’s Studies/ New College

Member of the Committee

Reviewed nominations, prepared evaluation materials, contributed to the process of decision-making on cross-appointed candidates



RFR (Journal for Resources in Feminist Research)/OISE-UT

Board member

Reviewed articles, proposed editorial amendments to the work of the journal, initiated themes in feminist research, race and sexualities



Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany

Member: Committee for International Scholarly Collaboration

Led a number of international initiatives that improved the quality of curricula development at the university; initiated new partnership agreements and projects; coordinated the partnership initiatives, fund-raising, and evaluation of implemented collaborative initiatives



Heinrich Boell Foundation, Berlin, Germany

Member of the Advisory Board

Advocacy: Advised on programmatic and grant-allocation policies, procedures and mechanisms of the foundation, introduced new evaluation schemes



Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany

Member: Committee for Advancement of female faculty, staff and students

Advocacy: Advanced gender equity in the university by advocating, promoting, and initiating criteria and performance indicators that would properly evaluate the work and contributions of female faculty, staff and students



NGO Women’s Forum, Germany

Editorial and Advisory Board member

Edited, evaluated and reviewed proposal initiatives, workshop plans, board annual reports, and proposed new accountability schemes



Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt/Main

Member: Committee for Advancement of Equity

Spearheaded a number of initiatives that advanced anti-racist feminist scholarship at the university and advocated inter-racial collaborative initiatives in the area of learning and scholarship



“Suedstroemungen “(Women Against Violence and Racism), Berlin, Germany

Member of the steering group

Contributed to the development of mission and vision of the organization, organized initiatives that advocated feminist anti-racist research and development



African Welfare Association e.V., Bremen, Germany


Provided support and guidance to project proposals and collaborative initiatives between governmental and non-governmental institutions to advance the progress of African researchers and students; organized workshops and conferences



Bremen African Archives: Centre of African & Migration Studies Bremen, Germany


Editorial and Advisory Board member

Promoted African and migration studies; reviewed articles and proposals for the African Archives; organized conferences and workshops to advance research in this area



Annual Book of the African-Asian Academics, Germany

Editorial Board member

Edited contributions from African and Asian scholars; proposed amendments to the format of the annual book; organized sales strategy and fund-raising campaigns



Organization of the African-Asian Academics of Germany (AAAA), Goettingen

President 1990-1991

Member of the advisory board, Member of the Working Committee (1994-ongoing)

Organized and coordinated activities between African and Asian academics in Germany with the organization’s “Returnees Offices” in Ghana, India, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Iran, Jordan, Cameroon, Pakistan, and Syria



International Women’s Group, DeColores, Bremen, Germany


Advocated feminist and anti-racism research and coordinated international initiatives aimed at women’s leadership development; developed international project proposals and solicited funds for research, exchange, and training



African Union, Hamburg, Germany


Organized and carried out training initiatives on social justice

Membership/Service in Professional Associations:


ISA (International Studies Association)


Comparative, International and Development Education (OISE/UT)


AERA (American Educational Research Association)


Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), Ottawa, Ontario


American Association of Law and Society


African-Asian Academics of Germany/Goettingen

Academic Supervision:


1999 – 2008


Doctoral Thesis Supervision


I supervised four (4) doctoral theses in the following areas:


-1999 Implications of Racialization;

-2000 Gender Inequity in Education in West Africa;

-2001 Professional Advancement of Immigrant Women in the Canadian and German Labour Force;

-2002 Social Justice.


I co-supervised eleven(11) doctoral theses in the following areas:


-2003 Professional Advancement of African Immigrant Women in Ontario/Canada;

-2004 Race Inequity in the field of Nursing in Ontario/Canada;

-2005 Integration of Oromo (Ethiopia) youth refugees in Toronto;

-2006 United Nations Human Rights Committees and the relocation of refugees from the Dafur region;

-2007 Religion and Democracy in Iran;

-2008 Social Justice.


I was a member of ten (10) Oral Thesis Committees in the following areas:

  • Sociology of Education;
  • Social Justice;
  • Immigration, Race and Social Advancement.


2001 – 2008


Masters’ Thesis Supervision


I supervised five (5) master’s theses in the following areas:

  • Race and Representation: Images of Canadian NGO of “Third World” People”;
  • Narratives of New South Asian Immigrants with Professional Designations;
  • The Essence of Proverbs in Development Processes in Ghana;
  • The Criminalization of Imagery of ‘Arabness’ since 9/11;
  • The significance of Human and Civic Rights in Anti-terror campaign.


I co-supervised six (6) master’s theses in the following areas:

  • Black Youth and Educational & Professional Advancement in Toronto;
  • Disease, Race and National Policies;
  • Sexualized Jamaican Black Bodies figured in Tourism Imagery and the ‘Suspect’ Jamaican Body in Print Media Discourse;
  • Masking Terror;
  • The Importance of Race and Class in satisfaction with School: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong Immigrant and White Canadian Students;
  • Creating Positive Citizenship through Extensive Education and Cultural Development in Jamaica.



Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg


Diplom/MA Supervision


Whilst in Germany, I co-supervised eight (8) master’s theses in the following fields:

  • Effects of the Civil War in Sudan on the Advancement of Women and Children;
  • Rassismus - Subjekt - Gesellschaft: Diskussion kritischer Rassismuskonzepte zur Fundierung einer antirassistischen Paedagogik. [Racism - Subject - Society: A discourse of critical race concepts for anti-racist pedagogy];
  • Family: Race, Class, Culture;
  • Popular Anti-Racism Projects in Oldenburg;
  • Historic Discourse of Youth Resistant Groups in Germany;
  • Refugee Homes and German Refugee Policies;
  • German Federal Law on Care Service and Intercultural Care Service at Community Level;
  • Familial Care Services in Migration Processes.

My conference presentations include:


2011 “Ethical Dilemmas in Ethnographic Research: Mis/Representation of Migrants-Transnationals-Mobiles”, University of Hildesheim/Germany, June 1.


2011 “Clinical Level Cultural Competence Training”, Government of Canada, Kingston, ON, March 29th.


2010 “Dependency Structures and Professional Advancement of Immigrant Women”. Public Lecture: University of Mainz/Germany


2005 The Role of Race Purity Ideologies in the Legal Assault of the Nazi and Apartheid Governments on Jewish and Black People in the 20th Century.

The International Studies Association, Honolulu/Hawaii, March 2-5


2004 “The Impact of Race Purity Ideologies of German Nazi and Former South African Apartheid Governments on Civil Rights and Human Rights of Jews and Black People in the 20th Century”.

The Law and Society Association 2004 Annual Meeting, Chicago/USA, May 27-May 30


2003 “Critical Sex Education as HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy”. Workshop: School-Health Community Groups of Northern Ghana. Bolgatanga/Ghana, September 16th


2003 “Critical Sex Education as HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy”. Workshop: University of Education. Winneba/Ghana, September 12th


2003 “Professional Immigrants in Canada and Germany”. International Conference: International Labor Migration. Trier/Germany July 3-July 5


2003 “The legacy of Colonialism and German Foreign Policy on Africa”. Heinrich Boell Foundation, Berlin/Germany, June 28-30


2003 “German Immigration Policy and the Status of Immigrants”. International Conference: KRISEN/KRIEGE/KLASSENKAEMPFE, Berlin/Germany May 29-June1


2003 “En/Coding Domination: Teachers, Conventional Knowledge and Oppression in the Classroom”. Interactive Symposium for AERA. April 20-25


2003 “Critical Sex Education to Save Humanity”. Ministry of Education Ghana. Accra/Ghana March 10-12


2003 “Critical Sex Education as HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy”. Workshop: Ministry of Food & Agriculture Extension Services. Accra/Ghana, September 19th


2002 “Structural Forms of Dependency and the Professional Advancement of Immigrant Women”. Panel: Migrants, Immigrants and Work Across Borders. Critical Race Scholarship and the University. Conference, CIARS-OISE/UT, Toronto. April 25-29

2002 “Globalization and Education: Brain Drain versus Brain Circulation”. Panel: Globalization and Alleviation of Poverty. Conference of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences. Accra/Ghana. November 18-22


2001 “Institutional Dependency and Access of Immigrant Women to Education and Work”. York University. Conference on Perspectives on Social Inequalities. A Joint sponsorship of the Tokyo Foundation in connection with the York Graduate Fellowships for Academic Distinction, and Howard University, U.S.A. Toronto. September 14


2001 “Education and Development”. The CSSE Annual Congress. Laval/Quebec, May 25-29


2000 “Forms of Structural Dependency and Professional Success”. Popular Feminist Series, Women’s Studies, OISE/UT, Toronto. November 5


1999 “Canadian Immigration Policies and Accreditation of Non-Canadian Professional Credentials”. Conference: Citizenship Rights and Access to Work. DeColores, Bremen/Germany. December 19


1998 “Dependency Structures, Violence, Health and the Development and Advancement of Women in North West Europe.” International Conference: African Women Towards the 21st Century - A Challenge to Leadership, Amsterdam/Netherlands. Sponsored by the University of Leusden/Netherlands. September 20-26


1998 “Migration Politics versus Public Discussions and the Realities of Immigrants”. Annual Congress of AGISTRA (International Association Against Racial Sexual Exploitation) e.V.: 14. AGISTRA Networking. Frankfurt/Main. October 16-18


1997 “Feminization of Labor Migration - Migration - Global Market - Labor Market”. Annual Congress of AGISTRA (International Association Against Racial Sexual Exploitation) e.V.: 13. AGISTRA Networking. Frankfurt/Main. October 3-5


1996 “Gender and Vocational Education”. Second International Conference: Women in Rural Development. Humboldt-University of Berlin. June 28-30


1996 “Dependency Structures and ‘Women’s’ Development and Progress in North-West Europe”. European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI), 8th General Conference: Globalisation, Competitiveness and Human Security: Challenges for Development and Institutional Change. Vienna, Sept.11-14


1995 “Access to Education of Migrant Women and Girls in Germany”. Migrant Caucus, United Nations Head Quarters New York/U.S.A. May 20


1995 “The contribution of immigrant women’s’ labor to socio-economic development of host countries”. Workshop: 4th World Conference on Women, Beijing/China. September 3


1992 “Assimilation and Segregation: A European Concept of Multiculturalism”. Panel: Assimilation and Segregation. The annual conference of Association of America Law and Society. Amsterdam, June 19-22


1989 “International Trade and Human Rights Violation”. Evangelic Academy Loccum/Germany. June 26


1989 “The Politics of International Toxic Waste Disposal”. A session of the United Nations Summer College, Geneva/Switzerland


1987 “Education, Social Inequality and Work”. Conference of the Association of African-Asian Academics (AAAA), Goettingen/Germany.


1995-1996 UNESCO Institute for Education/Hamburg: Collaborative Research in a group of 16 international scholars on “Women's Education amidst Economic, Social and Political Changes”


1995 United Nations Organisation/New York: Conferences and discussions of global (im)migration issues which served as partial preparation for the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing (China).


1995 The Friedrich-Ebert Foundation/Bonn and New York: numerous seminars and projects. The biggest project was a film over the access of women from the South to the different organisations/agencies of the United Nations, in their quest for information. My role in the film involved interviewing high officials of the UN holding positions on policy-making levels. The film was shot at the UN-Headquarters in New York.


1994 Co-organizer of the EADI (European Association of Development Institutes) annual workshop: International Politics and Women-Perspectives for Development Theory. University of Bielefeld, Research Centre Sociology of Development, December 9.


1993 Co-organizer of the European WIDE (Women in Development) Platform. Brussels/Belgium, April 17.


1993 Co-organizer of the conference: “Home is where I can grow”. International Women’s day. International Women’s Centre, Heidelberg, Germany, March 8


1992 Chair, panel session on: “Multiculturalism in Europe.” Annual Congress of the American Law and Society. University of Amsterdam, June 22-26



Minerva Consulting & Research

Prof. Rose Baaba Folson Ph.D.


"Success is not measured by the position one has acquired, but by the obstacles one has to overcome"
Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)


"Success proceeds meaningful management of time and energy.

Precision in goal determines the level of success"