Her publication includes:


Migration, Transcultural Spaces, Families, Communities, States: Professional African Women in the German Labour Force. (Forthcoming, Frankfurt/Main: Barbara Brudrich)

(2004). Calculated Kindness: Global Restructuring, Immigration and Settlement in Canada [Editor]. Halifax: Fernwood Publishers.

(1995) Contribution of Formal Education to Economic Development/Underdevelopment: Ghana as Paradigm. Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang.


Chapters in Refereed Books


Folson, R. B. (Forthcoming). “Ethical Dilemmas in Ethnographic Research”


Folson, R. B. (2012). “Ghana Education Policy: Strategies and Limitation” in Ohemeng et al, Public Policy Making in Ghana: How Politicians and Civil Servants Deal with Public Problems, Ottawa: THE EDWIN MELLEN PRESS, Chapter 4.


Folson, R. B. (2006). “En/Coding Domination: Teachers, Conventional Knowledge, Oppression in the Classroom”. In Dei & Armin, Schooling in the Context of Difference: Possibilities and Challenges from Cases in Comparative Contexts, Halifax: Fernwood, pp. 113-128


Folson, R. B. (2006). “Economic Restructuring and Education in Ghana”, In Abdi, Puplampu, Dei, African Education and Globalization: Critical Perspectives, New York: Lexington, pp.135-150


Folson, R. B. (2005). “Führt die Anpassung an die sozio-kulturellen Verhältnisse in Deutschland zwangsläufig zu Entfremdung vom Herkunftsland“ [Tensions Between Integration into Host Society and Alienation]. In Grunenberg, Antonia et al, Einsprueche: Politik und Sozialstaat im 20. Jahrhundert [Objections: Politics and welfare state in 20th. Century]. Hamburg: Verlag Dr. Kovac, pp. 57-71


Folson, R. B. (2002). Institutionalisierte Abhaengigkeit und berufliche Chancen von Migrantinnen aus dem Sueden in Deutschland. In Afrikanish-Asiatishe Studentenforderung e. V. Goettingen (Eds.), Afrikaner und Asiaten in Deutschland - Multiplikatoren des Wissenschaftstransfers zwischen Sued und Nord. Frankfurt/M.: IKO Publication, pp. 133-161. [Institutional Dependency and Professional Advancement of Immigrant Women in Germany, In African and Asians in Germany: Scientific Transfer between South and the North]





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Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)


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Precision in goal determines the level of success"